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Shopping for the Holidays

It's Black Friday, and over the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about how I wanted to take advantage of whatever sales were available today. And it dawned on me that this year, shopping feels a lot different than years past!

Normally I do a LOT of my shopping at Balboa Park's Spanish Village (pictured above, empty during quarantine), home to many local artists and artisans. I loved shopping there because I was supporting local artists and small businesses, in addition to getting one-of-a-kind items I knew my friends and family would love.

This year, though, I've decided to spread out my dollars. But it's taken me a lot of thought of how I should go about doing that. someone who strives to make thoughtful and conscientious holiday purchases, I thought I would share with you all my Global-Pandemic-and-American-Political-Uprising-Black-Friday rules!

  1. Support artists who have donated their time to The Nuance. All the artists I've interviewed for The Nuance did so out of the generosity and goodness of their hearts. In return (where I can), I've purchased their art or merchandise as gifts for my family and friends. Some shops to check out: Jaycation (Jay Jay Maniquis), Donoso Studio (Francisco Donoso), Mr. Benja (Benjamin Johnson), and Statement Cards (Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez).

  2. Support small, BIPOC-owned businesses. While I love supporting artists, I'm interested in shopping for all kinds of merchandise, from food, to books, to jewelry, and home decor! Check out: Tuk Tuk Box, Cambio & Co., and Sourmouth Sweetheart.

  3. Support local, San Diego businesses. In addition to Balboa Park's Spanish village, this gorgeous city has a bustling small business economy, and I am down for shopping with my SD neighbors! Check out: Thread & Seed (Clothing & Home), Small Batch (Home Decor & Gifts), Native Poppy (Flowers) and Communal Coffee (Coffee, Food, & Home).

  4. Support businesses that sell vintage, resale, or upcycled items. In addition to making conscientious purchases, I'm all about making eco-conscious purchases as well. Check out: Make Good (Resale Clothing), Bad Madge (Vintage Home Decor & Clothing), and Act II (Resale Clothing).

I hope you'll consider adopting some - if not all - of these rules for your holiday shopping this year. And if you find something you simply love, do me a favor and drop me a comment about it!


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