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Ligaya's Corner: TheFrontOffice Foundation Grants

You wanna know why we're here? Because we love artists. Why do we love artists? Because they make THE ART....the lifeblood of human existence. Art is what elevates mere living into a messy, complicated, and wholehearted experience.

It's actually crazy and illogical to me that artists have historically been undervalued in society. It makes no sense. Take this have people managed? Um, through art.

No, you might say. Netflix isn't art. The documentary on street food isn't art. CNN isn't art. This Guns and Ammo magazine isn't art.


What most people don't realize is HOW MUCH ART IS IN THE DNA OF EVERYTHING AROUND THEM. That Guns and Ammo mag? That layout editor was once a student of graphic design.

The documentary on street food? That director was raised and inspired by foreign films.


Look. I don't want to belabor a point. But let me just say this: through the toughest times, people have been buoyed by stories. By beauty. By language. And that is all art.

So it sucks that artists are suffering so much right now, especially since their collective efforts have shaped the very things that have made quarantine bearable.

In the spirit of uplifting artists, therefore, I want to point to this source of assistance for our struggling artists: TheFrontOffice Foundation Creative Community Hardship Grants. For more info about this grant opportunity, you should read here.

And if you are someone who is able to donate to this fund, you can do so here!

I think we're all in this pandemic together for at least a few more months, so let's spread some love where we can.



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