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Money in the Time of COVID (a.k.a. Why the heck should we even care?)

Financial literacy is definitely a big part of the reason I started The Nuance, so if you find yourself reading this - chances are you are hoping to improve your own financial literacy, or the financial literacy of someone you care about (like your child, or a student). Take this first step to learn why it's important.

Back in August I offered a class with my buddy, Tyler Hewes, who is both a Certified Financial Advisor AND a theatre director. (Hi Tyler!) He is a brilliant human being, and I was thrilled when he agreed to co-present a class that I'd been wanting to offer, about financial literacy for artists during this crazy pandemic time. See, I'm not an expert when it comes to finances, so I really hesitate to offer any kind of advice about managing your money. What I do know is why it's important to know how to manage your money, especially in a career as complicated as an artist's.

So we offered the class for free, and we split it into two parts: the first part was me talking about WHY financial literacy was important for artists, especially now; and the second part was Tyler's offering of financial basics and advice.

The class was well-received, and it reaffirmed my belief that ongoing financial education is critical for artists. Financial literacy is often not covered in schools, so aspiring and mid-career artists can be flung into the "real world" without a basic understanding of how their money can actually help them in their career, rather than be a source of anxiety and instability.

Therefore, I thought it could be beneficial to share my half of the class. Below is a narrated presentation of "Money in the Time of COVID", as well as a PDF of the slides themselves. There are helpful links at the end of the presentation that are accessible on the PDF version.

Download PDF • 1.14MB

As for Tyler's presentation, since that's his content I thought I'd let him be the one to if you would like to reach him just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! (For more information on Tyler go here.)

Feel free to share this with those who you think could benefit from this presentation! And let's continue talking about how to navigate the artistic career and its financial idiosyncrasies.

Onward and upward!


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