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Ligaya's Corner: How to Budget!

Ligaya says: Hello, artist friends!

I say over and over again on The Nuance that I am NOT a financial advisor, planner, or expert in any way. What I am, though, is someone who is OBSESSED with learning about good financial practice, so I attend webinars, listen to podcasts, read articles, talk to name it! (I should probably throw a couple books in there, but my book queue is kinda lengthy at the moment.)

So a few months ago, I attended a FREE webinar called Budgeting Nuts & Bolts, held by the Actors Fund. I already have a budget system in place but I know that it has plenty of room for improvement, so I do seek out introductory classes often. What I loved about this particular webinar is that it took the actor's lifestyle into consideration (read: inconsistent income). And even though it was targeting actors, I definitely felt like it would be beneficial to anyone who didn't have a steady 9-to-5.

SO! If you are interested in checking it out, go here to sign up for one of their FREE classes - there are a couple of dates coming up! In addition, the Actors Fund offers a TON of different classes focused on finances, so feel free to check on those, too.


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