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Ligaya's Corner: How Much Do You Charge?

One thing I hear a lot in my interviews with artists is that many of them reached a point in their careers when they had to decide how much to charge - either for their art or their service. In the case of Poet Kit Yan, it was how much to charge for their performances. For Makeup Artist Gabbi Pascua, it was how much to charge for her services. For Painter Francisco Donoso, it was how much to charge for his creations.

I would ask all of them, "How much did you know to charge?" And almost always they said, "I asked around."

Sometimes, the best research available is in your network of fellow artists and colleagues.

But sometimes, there's another option. And Ligaya would like to offer you that option! Center for Cultural Innovation is offering a workshop on November 24 (my birthday!) called How Much? Your Art, Your Value, Your Price. CCI is an amazing organization that serves the arts community, so even though I haven't taken this class before I have no doubt that it could be helpful to those who want to further define how much they should charge for their art and/or service.

So check it out! Go here to learn more about this workshop, and while you're there check out their other offerings.

(This is not a paid post. This recommendation is purely my own.)


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