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Democracy is the Tea

I was granted US citizenship when I was naturalized in 1999, and I voted in my first election very soon after. But it wasn't really until I got married and had children that I could see the impact and the importance of my vote.

Politics were never big in my household growing up, and consequently I didn't really understand the value of standing up for what I believe in. That's a big ol' PRIVILEGE of the upper middle class, by the way - thinking that I didn't need to participate in civic dialogue 'coz things were pretty already damn good the way they are.

I think differently now, of course. It does not take a genius to understand that questioning the status quo is exactly how positive change happens. It's how women got the right to vote. It's how interracial marriage became legal.

Political dissent is how I am able to live this beautiful life I am living today.

So while it is probably GLARINGLY OBVIOUS how I voted, I'll still say that I voted for the team that I believe is on the right side of history: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I am thrilled they won. It's a hard road ahead for all Americans, but I believe we've got the right people leading the charge.


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